Today, my husband and I really are starting to notice some differences in our lives. First of all, we both have more energy to do stuff. We both also don’t eat as much as we had been before. It is amazing how clean/healthy eating can encourage better behaviors from you. Our additional activity and decreased eating should help us as we take on the cold this winter. We also talked about the importance of being sugar free. We recognize this change as a necessity to life not as a lose weight quick diet. This is important to note that this is a life a change not a temporary fix. My husband and I are extreme opposites so it takes a lot of discussion for us to make big decisions so it is pretty amazing that we both thought of this as a no brainer from the very beginning.

I tried a new recipe today that some of you may have heard of or have tried. I made Oopsie bread which is gluten free, sugar free, and low carb. It is a great alternative for bread and is often times recommended for those who have diabetes.  I stumbled upon this recipe while looking up sugar free recipes. I made my first batch today and it was not too bad at all. It is very fluffy and light. It is great for when you want a little bit of bread for your meal.Be sure to follow the directions to the T or it will come out really “eggy.”

Stay tuned, tomorrow I plan on trying multiple recipes to help reign in the new year. So be sure to check those out!


BREAKFAST: home made granola (honey, oats, & raisens), banana, plain greek yogurt

LUNCH: ham, carrots, celery, & humus

DINNER: Frito- nachos (salsa, shredded cheese, burger)


Healthy Grocery Shopping 101

In spirit of this morning’s shopping rendezvous, I thought this video would be appropriate to share. Enjoy- and honestly, it is VERY helpful!

NOTE: I did note make the video- I found it on facebook by BuzzFeed.


Shopping cleaner


Today, we did our first full grocery shopping that is sugar free. Wow! What an adventure! We went around looking at different foods reading labels- I felt like a grocery shopper extraordinaire! We purchased a couple of awesome things worth mentioning. First off is Chia seed. There are so many recipes that include Chia seed to make it sweeter. I have never cooked with Chia seed but I’m interested in seeing how things work out. Secondly, we purchased some pure honey- very delicious!!! I am planning on making my own granola bars with it and some nuts that I purchased. Finally, the greatest find of the day:  ranch made with yogurt! If any of you know my husbamd, you know his love for ranch dressing which,unfortunately, is normally made with sugar like many other condiments. However, during our label reading we found this ranch that is made with yogurt and is sweetened with pineapple juice instead of sugar. Despite the difference  of ingredients, this ranch tastes just as well if not better than most ranch. I recommend  it to any and all who use ranch.

Merry Christmas!

So confession time: I was going to allow today to be cheat day since it IS Christmas. So I started off the morning by making cinnamon French toast. Well all for nothing, we both grabbed a slice and couldn’t finish it. We just weren’t in the mood. So we both enjoyed our day playing board games. All of this to say cheat days aren’t really necessary.  It was a great Christmas and we didn’t change our diet. Woot! Now we will have to see how the weekend goes as we will have family in town.

BREAKFAST: French toast – skipped

LUNCH: celery & carrot sticks (snacked on)

DINNER: steak, salad, Mac & cheese, homemade bread

Merry Christmas to all y’all! I hope it was swell 🙂


Day 3- temptations are REAL

Merry Christmas eve, y’all!
Tis the season to torture yourself. I don’t know WHY we decided to cut out sugar this week- we have been bombarded with sweet snacks all day today from neighbors and church members. It’s the thought that counts but man they are killing me!! Despite the temptation to sit on the couch and cram my face with sugar- today went really well. Not to be boastful but I’m really proud of my husband and myself for being willing to try alternatives  and sacrifice what was normal. We are doing good so far [knock on wood.] We again started our day walking the town- not much of a walk but it’s better than nothing. Here is to a bright future! Oh! Today we also started incorporating local honey to our diet 🙂 not much but enough to satisfy that need for some sweet tea.

BREAKFAST: eggs, salt cured bacon, apples, spinach, ice water

LUNCH: skipped  ( breakfast was so big!)

DINNER: baked chicken, broccoli & cheese, mashed potatoes, honey sweetened tea

Day two

Well today was an adventure! We had tornado warnings off and on all day long. Amidst seeking shelter, though, we were able to clear out all refined sugar and sugar byproducts  from our cupboards and pantry. You would be surprised what all has sugar in it! During the great exodus it felt like we would have zero food left but here we are with a nice pantry full of healthier foods. Today, I also was able to do more research on detoxing from sugar. I encourage everyone to do the same! One family that I read up on has been sugar free for 3 years now but in their first year they had one sweet day a month.their taste buds eventually adapted and they were no longer interested in sugary things anymore. That may be a good start for the husband and I since I have a serious sweet tooth and he likes the junk food. Well my meals for today are a little short since I woke up at 10 am- no breakfast.

BREAKFAST: skipped

LUNCH: banana, veggie  pizza & green tea

DINNER: spinach salad with fresh parmesan sprinkled on it, unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon & nutmeg (holiday flavor)

New Beginnings: Day One

TODAY, we crossed the start line to better future. My husband and I made the decision to totally cut sugar out of our diets. This is more difficult than I thought. I have changed our grocery list dramatically! And don’t even get me started on detoxing our cabinet of sugar! This is one big step but in the long run I know it is what is best for us.

We began this process by first identifying what sugar we are cutting out. Is it just candy? soda? junk food? added sugar? natural sugar? We are cutting out all added sugar and its byproducts. We are substituting sugar with other natural sweeteners like unsweetened apple sauce, all natural honey & maple syrup.


BREAKFAST: 1 sunny side up egg [fried in coconut oil] with spinach, 1 med. apple, & [unsweetened] almond milk

LUNCH: grilled chicken pieces, celery sticks

DINNER: homemade fettuccini alfredo, salad, fried apples [cinnamon, cocounut oil, unsweetened applesauce]