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How many names can one thing have?


Image credit to women’s health magazine.

Have I already mentioned that this is a journey? I am not one to call myself an expert on this whole sugar free lifestyle because I am still figuring it out and I am FAR from an expert. I knew that there were a couple of different names for sugar in products at the store (like: dextrose, sucrose, and the obvious names.) I stumbled upon an article in Women’s heath (link above or can be found here.)

Here is the thing about sugar. It is highly addictive. It has been mentioned that sugar is even more addictive than cocaine (an illegal narcotic.) It puts your body through a high and leaves you wanting more once you go down from your “sugar high.”[READ MORE HEAR] As I have been shopping sugar free, it has been a little bit of a hassle because just about everything has sugar in it. One sugar free website claims that 80% of the items in the grocery story contains [added] sugar. Seems crazy, right? Foods that you wouldn’t even think would have sugar in them, do! Why? How? Food companies have been adding sugar into their product to help us to 1)satisfy our sugar withdraws and 2)encourage us to continue buying their products. It all comes down to the science of the food industry. The companies figured out certain “tricks” that trigger things in our brain to desire more. Chips make a certain noise, Doritos have the extra cheese powder, and so forth. In fact, Doritos have all of the flavoring in the chip but added the orange powder for looks. But that is a convo for another time. Food companies will do anything to get us to buy and eat their food.

Then everyone started figuring out about sugar not being so good for you. People started seeking out for sugar free foods or foods that had very little sugar. So what do the food companies do? To not have the ingredient “Sugar” at the top of the list of ingredients (most prevalent ingredient) they started using different terms to bring sugar lower on the list. Some of the names for sugar are legit and can be found in naturally occurring sugar in fruits. You however, need to be knowledgeable of what are good sugars and what are bad. If you are getting rid of added sugars, all sugars, or just being more conscience about your sugar intake, you need to be aware the names for sugar.

Do some research! I know that I after I made this discovery, I had to through more food away.