Breakfast on the Go


Breakfast has literally been the most difficult meal for us when it comes to eating sugar free (any added sugar.) I generally just grab an apple or banana with a glass of ice water and I am on my way. I typically make my husband a nice big breakfast with eggs and what have you but I can’t make that for him every day for many reasons including time management. So I originally made granola for him to eat, which did last a bit but he really wanted something that he could eat like cereal. I went to my favorite source (Pinterest) for help and I came across the greatest thing ever! Over Night Oats. This is the greatest idea out there! It is very easy, time efficient, and absolutely delicious!

I have said it once and I will say it again- my husband is a VERY picky eater and I was originally apprehensive about making this for him but I gave it a shot. I grabbed two of our mason jars (does not have to be in jar), I first added 3/4 cup of old fashioned oats to the bottom. I then added a tsp of honey and in one I added cinnamon. Next I sliced up fruit and placed it in. One jar I sliced up berries like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. In the jar that had the cinnamon, I sliced up an apple. Finally, I poured unsweetened almond milk. Then just placed in the refrigerator “over night”.

The next day was Sunday which is a super busy day for us and we just don’t have time to make breakfast. I offered it to my husband and he said he would try it. Mr. “I -don’t-like-oats” LOVED it! He said it was very similar to eating a parfait and then went on asking for different ways to make him some.


Progress Report

My husband has lost approx. 10 pounds since we have started our life change and has gone down a pants size.
I have also gone down a pants size and have lost approx. 7 pounds.
We are both much more active and don’t eat as much as we used to AT ALL!



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