I had to have some sugar!

Sorry for the lack of posts these last couple of days. My husband and I went and visited family for about a week. It was hard to visit family members and follow our lifestyle while not inconveniencing them. So I packed some extra supplies to help us have snacks and some foods just in case. With all of the delicious foods sitting out, us being on vacation, I just couldn’t resist having just a little sugar.

Everyone meet our newest member- Nora. Alright, so I didn’t have that kind of sugar but even if I had, it’s okay. It is hard giving up something that you have had your entire life. You will have urges and desires to have some of that delicious “forbidden fruit.” You might even give in and have one or tow bites but that is OKAY! Don’t give up on you! Just because you give in does NOT mean that you don’t have self control or that you don’t have the strength to continue on. Diet changes are hard, if they weren’t EVERYONE would be fit and healthy but that isn’t how it is. After you give in, you will more than likely notice 1) you don’t really enjoy that thing as much as you used to 2) that you are not satisfied with the outcome.

In fact, on our trip, my husband REALLY wanted some chocolate milk. He was having such a craving. So instead of shaming him, I encouraged him to try it. He took the first swig and his face said it all. After going 3 weeks with out any sugar, he could not handle the taste of the rich chocolate milk that he used to love so much. He was so frustrated at the fact that chocolate milk was ruined but he had an immediate taste preference change. We then stopped for him to have some water and regular milk. He is still going sugar free. Just because he gave into a craving doesn’t make him any less than people who don’t give in. If anything, it answered the question of whether or not he will miss the things he used to love so much.

Keep strong, my friends! Don’t give up on you! Don’t let sugar have the last say!


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