Sugar free on the road


My husband and I have been blessed with a full week of vacation and we decided to spend it seeing family. Since both sets of parents live in different  states than us that means we have a lot of traveling. I don’t know about anyone else bout I drink A LOT on road trips and then my husband likes to have one meal on the trip.
Before we had cut out sugar, we drank sodas, chocolate mil, and sweet tea (my favorite.) A quick easy solution for drinks would be water but drinking lots of water seems to double our bathroom stops. What I have done is packed water bottles and if we stop to eat somewhere, I drink unsweetened tea. I am a huge tea lover and LOVE drinking any kind of tea- hot, cold, sweet, unsweetened, etc.. but if you aren’t a tea person- ask for some honey. Every place that we have stopped has had honey.
This morning we needed to do a quick breakfast stop so we stopped at Chic FIL A. I may be a little biased but this has always been one of my favorite breakfast spots.
I ordered their oatmeal and fruit breakfast (with unsweetened tea.) The oatmeal comes completely unsweetened but they give you packs of nuts, and brown sugar. I used neither since they both contained sugar. I dressed my oatmeal with the blueberries and strawberries from my fruit cup and added a little honey. Honestly that was my favorite way I have EVERY had oatmeal.

Sugar free living is not as difficult as many would make it. Anyone can do it. I encourage you all to take it upon yourselves to try a sugar free meal eating out. Study the ingredients and be a wise consumer. Much love!


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