The very words my husband posted on Facebook while out grabbing a quick dinner for the two of us.

“Everything has flipping sugar in it!!!”

He had just about given up finding a decent quick dinner. We typically don’t purchase frozen dinners but every now and then it is nice to not have to cook and enjoy a good dinner at home. Well, since we have made our sugar free life change, I have LITERALLY been making everything from scratch. As much as I love to cook, it gets a little tiring- the whole reason we needed a frozen dinner.

I stayed home to do some household chores and sent Chris on his merry way to the local grocery store. Poor fella was gone for almost half an hour. That is a big deal when your grocer is only a few blocks away. He finally returns with a bag of pasta mix. He explained how EVERYTHING that he wanted to grab had sugar in it. But he found a perfect dinner for two pasta mix that was simple to prepare (10 minutes), tasty and well proportioned. We just ate the pasta mix and nothing else and it was quite filling. In fact, we had some leftover for another time.

It is has been pretty easy to be sugar free. There are short moments of sadness that we can’t have some of our old loved treats but those quickly replaced with the idea of the awesome new food that we get to have. To be honest, this life choice is “forcing” us to eat finer foods with better quality than what we were eating before. A big key to keep your head high and CHECK YOUR LABELS!



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