Today, my husband and I really are starting to notice some differences in our lives. First of all, we both have more energy to do stuff. We both also don’t eat as much as we had been before. It is amazing how clean/healthy eating can encourage better behaviors from you. Our additional activity and decreased eating should help us as we take on the cold this winter. We also talked about the importance of being sugar free. We recognize this change as a necessity to life not as a lose weight quick diet. This is important to note that this is a life a change not a temporary fix. My husband and I are extreme opposites so it takes a lot of discussion for us to make big decisions so it is pretty amazing that we both thought of this as a no brainer from the very beginning.

I tried a new recipe today that some of you may have heard of or have tried. I made Oopsie bread which is gluten free, sugar free, and low carb. It is a great alternative for bread and is often times recommended for those who have diabetes.  I stumbled upon this recipe while looking up sugar free recipes. I made my first batch today and it was not too bad at all. It is very fluffy and light. It is great for when you want a little bit of bread for your meal.Be sure to follow the directions to the T or it will come out really “eggy.”

Stay tuned, tomorrow I plan on trying multiple recipes to help reign in the new year. So be sure to check those out!


BREAKFAST: home made granola (honey, oats, & raisens), banana, plain greek yogurt

LUNCH: ham, carrots, celery, & humus

DINNER: Frito- nachos (salsa, shredded cheese, burger)


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