Shopping cleaner


Today, we did our first full grocery shopping that is sugar free. Wow! What an adventure! We went around looking at different foods reading labels- I felt like a grocery shopper extraordinaire! We purchased a couple of awesome things worth mentioning. First off is Chia seed. There are so many recipes that include Chia seed to make it sweeter. I have never cooked with Chia seed but I’m interested in seeing how things work out. Secondly, we purchased some pure honey- very delicious!!! I am planning on making my own granola bars with it and some nuts that I purchased. Finally, the greatest find of the day:  ranch made with yogurt! If any of you know my husbamd, you know his love for ranch dressing which,unfortunately, is normally made with sugar like many other condiments. However, during our label reading we found this ranch that is made with yogurt and is sweetened with pineapple juice instead of sugar. Despite the difference  of ingredients, this ranch tastes just as well if not better than most ranch. I recommend  it to any and all who use ranch.


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