Day 3- temptations are REAL

Merry Christmas eve, y’all!
Tis the season to torture yourself. I don’t know WHY we decided to cut out sugar this week- we have been bombarded with sweet snacks all day today from neighbors and church members. It’s the thought that counts but man they are killing me!! Despite the temptation to sit on the couch and cram my face with sugar- today went really well. Not to be boastful but I’m really proud of my husband and myself for being willing to try alternatives  and sacrifice what was normal. We are doing good so far [knock on wood.] We again started our day walking the town- not much of a walk but it’s better than nothing. Here is to a bright future! Oh! Today we also started incorporating local honey to our diet 🙂 not much but enough to satisfy that need for some sweet tea.

BREAKFAST: eggs, salt cured bacon, apples, spinach, ice water

LUNCH: skipped  ( breakfast was so big!)

DINNER: baked chicken, broccoli & cheese, mashed potatoes, honey sweetened tea


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