Day two

Well today was an adventure! We had tornado warnings off and on all day long. Amidst seeking shelter, though, we were able to clear out all refined sugar and sugar byproducts  from our cupboards and pantry. You would be surprised what all has sugar in it! During the great exodus it felt like we would have zero food left but here we are with a nice pantry full of healthier foods. Today, I also was able to do more research on detoxing from sugar. I encourage everyone to do the same! One family that I read up on has been sugar free for 3 years now but in their first year they had one sweet day a month.their taste buds eventually adapted and they were no longer interested in sugary things anymore. That may be a good start for the husband and I since I have a serious sweet tooth and he likes the junk food. Well my meals for today are a little short since I woke up at 10 am- no breakfast.

BREAKFAST: skipped

LUNCH: banana, veggie  pizza & green tea

DINNER: spinach salad with fresh parmesan sprinkled on it, unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon & nutmeg (holiday flavor)


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