New Beginnings: Day One

TODAY, we crossed the start line to better future. My husband and I made the decision to totally cut sugar out of our diets. This is more difficult than I thought. I have changed our grocery list dramatically! And don’t even get me started on detoxing our cabinet of sugar! This is one big step but in the long run I know it is what is best for us.

We began this process by first identifying what sugar we are cutting out. Is it just candy? soda? junk food? added sugar? natural sugar? We are cutting out all added sugar and its byproducts. We are substituting sugar with other natural sweeteners like unsweetened apple sauce, all natural honey & maple syrup.


BREAKFAST: 1 sunny side up egg [fried in coconut oil] with spinach, 1 med. apple, & [unsweetened] almond milk

LUNCH: grilled chicken pieces, celery sticks

DINNER: homemade fettuccini alfredo, salad, fried apples [cinnamon, cocounut oil, unsweetened applesauce]


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